East Dallas Upper Back Pain Treatments

If you are someone that wants to control your health care and finally find relief from lingering chronic pain, then mPower Physical Therapy invites you to explore our East Dallas upper back pain treatments and other tailored treatments.

Too often, men and women find themselves at the mercy of a medical doctor. When a doctor tells them to take pain killers and injections — or even undergo invasive back surgery — they feel obligated to listen. Therefore, so many patients never manage to break the cycle of their ever-present back pain.

We’re here to help — we’re different. At mPower Physical Therapy, we provide our patients with a one-on-one approach to upper back pain treatments in East Dallas TX, in addition to treatments to other areas of chronic pain. If you have pain, stiffness, and decreased mobility in your back or other areas of your body, we invite you to consult with our team and take control of your care once and for all.


We find what other doctors may have missed

Our relationship with any prospective patient starts the same way — with a 30-minute discovery session that helps our team get to the bottom of your pain and provide you with an overview of how we can help. For how long has a traditional medical doctor sat down with you one-on-one to really dig deeply into your health?

Unfortunately, most people know that this simply does not happen in today’s healthcare system. It’s filled with one-size-fits-all treatments that aren’t getting the job done. In order to create effective East Dallas upper back pain treatments, we start learning about you, including:

  • Type of pain and discomfort you’re experiencing
  • Where you’re experiencing it
  • Root cause of the pain
  • Past treatments you have already tried
  • Lifestyle and daily routine
  • What goals you hope to achieve with our upper back pain treatments in East Dallas TX

This one-on-one approach to care not only leads to better outcomes but it involves you the entire way. You get to make decisions and your feedback is heard.

You can find relief to your back pain while taking control of your care. mPower Physical Therapy wants to show you how through our East Dallas upper back pain treatments.