Highland Park Rehabilitation Therapy

Just because you are experiencing pain and stiffness stemming from an injury or chronic condition doesn’t mean that you have to compromise the things you love — mPower Physical Therapy provides Highland Park rehabilitation therapy that can make a difference.

Here at mPower Physical Therapy, we feature a team of physical therapists and support staff that are here to work one-on-one with you so that you can return to the things that you enjoy doing unencumbered by lingering pain, weakness, and stiffness.


About our rehabilitation therapy in Highland Park TX

Patients that seek out the care of traditional medical doctors are consistently pushed toward pain killers, injections and even surgery in order to eradicate chronic pain and discomfort. These are invasive procedures that have the potential to not only help you find relief, but they can make it worse.

If you are bouncing back from an injury or have experienced chronic pain for a long period of time, don’t feel like you have to resort to these measures just to find relief. At mPower, we provide Highland Park rehabilitation therapy that treats your pain at the source, restoring imbalances through strength, flexibility, and movement.

Unlike the treatment you get with medical doctors, the mPower team gets to learn about you and what you’re looking to achieve through treatment. Have you been in too much pain to play with your kids or grandkids? Are you trying to get back up to par so you can continue your recreational activities? We want to establish your goals and set out a step-by-step plan to get you there.


Get to know our team — and how we can help — through a discovery session

Our rehabilitation therapy in Highland Park TX starts with a free discovery meeting that comes with no obligation to move forward with our treatment. We want you to better understand the source of your pain and what sort of options you have to address it.

This is a valuable way in which to gain meaningful information about your own health and wellness so you can make an informed decision. Our Highland Park rehabilitation therapy staff is standing by to consult with you.