Lake Highlands Neck Pain Centers

Suffering through constant neck pain and stiffness can be miserable and demoralizing, which is why mPower Physical Therapy is proud to serve the local community as one of the leading Lake Highlands neck pain centers.

Here, we have physical therapists that are experienced and proven when it comes to helping patients reduce or eliminate chronic pain, stiffness, and discomfort. Not only are we one of the premier neck pain centers in Lake Highlands TX, but we work with men and women that are experiencing pain in other areas of their bodies, including knees, back and elsewhere.

If you’ve finally had enough with neck pain holding you back from living your best life, and you’ve been searching Lake Highlands neck pain centers or other doctors to find relief, then we invite you to connect with our staff.


Experience the benefits of physical therapy to cure your neck pain

Traditional medical doctors are usually relatively ineffective when it comes to pinpointing the cause of your neck or other chronic pain and then properly treating it.

Usually, you’re prescribed painkillers or injections and sent on your way. In more severe cases, doctors might suggest surgery. This is why so many patients turn away from medical doctors and search for reputable neck pain centers in Lake Highlands TX like mPower.

Physical therapy is generally the more effective route because it offers:

  • An individualized approach to care. Does your doctor ever sit down with you at length to talk about your lifestyle and why you want to get rid of pain? Do they even know you? At mPower, our one-on-one approach to physical therapy yields better outcomes.
  • An alternative to medication and surgery. Many men and women don’t want to take powerful narcotics or go through surgery. At mPower we use strength building, flexibility and movement to help cure your pain.
  • Results that align with your goals. Why do you want to be pain-free? To travel? To participate in recreational sports. We want to know your goals so we can lay out a path to reach them.

See for yourself what makes mPower different from the typical Lake Highlands neck pain centers. Connect with our team for a free consultation.