Lake Highlands Outpatient Physical Therapy

When chronic pain and discomfort stops you from doing the things you love, connect with the Lake Highlands outpatient physical therapy professionals at our clinic and take back your life!

We are mPower Physical Therapy, and we work with men and women that suffer from chronic pain in areas like their necks, shoulders, back or knees. All pain originates from a source and that source can differ greatly for each patient.

Traditional medical doctors don’t spend much time trying to identify this imbalance in your body, rather, they simply move you forward with painkillers, injections or even surgery in an attempt to mask the symptoms. At mPower, we use our outpatient physical therapy in Lake Highlands TX to eliminate pain once and for all — and without any surgery required.

Through strength, flexibility, and movement, we’re able to address the imbalance in your body that is causing the pain. Our Lake Highlands outpatient physical therapy is tailored to your situation and lifestyle. We get to know you and this one-on-one approach to treatment yields superior outcomes.


Do what you love again — without any pain!

One important aspect of our outpatient physical therapy in Lake Highlands TX is setting goals. What are you doing this for? What do you want to achieve? Everyone has a different ‘Why,’ and they can include:

  • Going on vacation and enjoying a trip filled with adventures — from snorkeling in the tropics to hiking through a mountain range.
  • Playing with your kids and grandkids without fear of blinding pain. You can keep up with the little ones in your life with the help of mPower.
  • Recreational activities. From bike riding to playing a rousing game of pickleball, we want to help you lead the active lifestyle that you once did.

You can achieve these, and other goals, through our Lake Highlands outpatient physical therapy treatments. Connect with one of our physical therapists if you have any questions or set up a free, 30-minute discovery session to learn more about your health and wellbeing and how we can enhance it.