Lakewood Outpatient Physical Therapy

Find relief from chronic pain, discomfort, and stiffness by visiting with our team and utilizing our Lakewood outpatient physical therapy. We are mPower Physical Therapy, and we thrive on working closely with our patients to help restore the quality of life that has been marred by chronic pain in their back, neck, knees or elsewhere throughout their bodies.


About mPower and our outpatient physical therapy in Lakewood TX

Here at mPower Physical Therapy, we provide one-on-one, tailored treatments for our patients that home in on the root cause of their pain and discomfort. Instead of trying to mask these symptoms like you would through oral painkillers and injections, we are able to help you find long-term relief without having to undergo invasive and traumatic surgery.

We work to restore imbalances in the body through flexibility, strength, and movement, leading to outcomes that have transformed the lives of our patients. In fact, a long list of men and women have chosen our Lakewood outpatient physical therapy treatments because they are:

  • Personalized: There is no one-size-fits-all approach to curing chronic pain. Your pain can originate from a variety of sources and our team works to identify that source and address it through our outpatient physical therapy in Lakewood TX. We also tailor your plan to fit your current lifestyle and guide you to your personal goals.
  • Administered by trained professionals: The members on our team are proven. They have successfully helped patients in the past to find relief and they’re ready to do the same for you.
  • Convenient to schedule: We know you’re busy. At the same time, we implore you to treat your own health and wellbeing as a priority. At mPower, we make it easy to plan your sessions around your busy schedule in addition to providing you with things you can do at home to continue your momentum toward relief.

Learn more about mPower and our Lakewood outpatient physical therapy by calling us and chatting with a physical therapist. We also offer 30-minute discovery meetings where we can dive into your own personal needs to find a way to rid you of chronic pain.