Lakewood Physical Therapy Clinics

It’s frustrating when you have an injury that won’t heal, or pain that won’t go away with medications or injections. But it’s not uncommon. For some people, it’s not until they schedule an appointment with Lakewood physical therapy clinics that they finally get the relief they need. And this is exactly what we hope for when you come to mPower Physical Therapy!

Our physical therapy clinics in Lakewood TX are here to help you end your pain and live the active, vibrant lifestyle that you’re used to. Too often, doctors recommend pills, surgeries, and other procedures to treat pain, stiffness, and injuries, but they’re rarely necessary. Instead, you can heal your body and live your best life with the right physical therapy.


Lakewood Physical Therapy Clinics

There are several misunderstandings when it comes to physical therapy. First, you do not need to have an injury to visit Lakewood physical therapy clinics. These clinics can still help even if you’re not in rehabilitation. In fact, PTs frequently see people who are experiencing chronic pain with no known cause.

Second, there are many injuries and ailments that can benefit from physical therapy, such as soft tissue injuries, sprain injuries and tear injuries. Sometimes, people believe that PT involves too much time and work, but without it, they won’t heal correctly.

Lastly, there are different types of physical therapy. For example, rehabilitative PT works with people who are recovering from surgery, as well as athletes after an injury. Occupational PT is prescribed following an accident at work. There is also PT for pediatrics, geriatrics and more.


Why Physical Therapy is a Valuable Tool in Your Recovery

Now that you know a bit more about PT, here are some of the ways that physical therapy clinics in Lakewood TX can help:

  • Identify, diagnose, and treat movement problems
  • Prevent or improve various health conditions like diabetes and obesity
  • Overcome barriers to physical activity
  • Manage pain and avoid opioid medications
  • Address your unique needs, challenges, and goals
  • Avoid unnecessary pills, injections, or surgeries


Schedule Your Discovery Visit

mPower Physical Therapy offers a free, no obligation Discovery visit. This 30-minute consult gives us a chance to meet each other and discuss the goals for PT. Our Lakewood physical therapy clinics provide individualized attention and treatment plans for the highest quality service. Contact us today to learn more!