Lakewood Rehabilitation Therapy

Recovering from an injury or trying to shake the effects of chronic pain and stiffness, can be a long road — but the team at mPower Physical Therapy wants to make sure that you reach your ultimate destination through our Lakewood rehabilitation therapy.

Here at mPower, we’re different from traditional medical doctors. In fact, many of the patients that we see here at our clinic had once sat in a doctor’s office trying to find relief from their ailment, all to no avail.

The problem with traditional medical doctors is that they typically treat patients like they are on an assembly line. Are you looking to remedy chronic pain in your knees, neck or back? It’s not uncommon to be guided toward excessive MRIs and X-Rays or prescribed painkillers, injections or even surgery.

If these don’t sound appealing (we know they don’t), we invite you to explore our rehabilitation therapy in Lakewood TX to take control of your own healthcare.


Leaders in Lakewood rehabilitation therapy

Through movement, strength and flexibility, our team is able to help patients address many different forms of chronic pain and stiffness, no matter where it might be located in their bodies.

Many men and women are drawn to our rehabilitation therapy in Lakewood TX because we offer an avenue for relief that is:

  • Non-invasive. Our patients want to avoid things that are hard on their bodies — like powerful narcotics or traumatic surgery.
  • Tailored to your needs. mPower Physical Therapy is home to Lakewood rehabilitation therapy that is customized for you. We take into account your lifestyle, previous treatments and what physical activities you strive to do before creating a step-by-step plan.
  • Highly effective. This one-on-one approach has consistently led to better outcomes. We have helped patients find relief that were unable to by working with other doctors or physical therapists.

Whether you’re bouncing back from an injury, or you’ve simply grappled with pain for a long period of time, mPower’s team is ready to help you find relief through our Lakewood rehabilitation therapy. It’s not instant — it’s a journey! But we’re confident you’ll love where you end up.