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Back Pain for years, gone in weeks! | Episode 101

Tracy is one of our patients who started hurting 2 years ago. He liked to fix bikes and was in these really bad flexed positions for long periods of time. He started hurting and his pain got worse over the years. Not sure what to do, he tried to stay active doing yoga and biking, using Dr google for exercises, but that was not helping his pain go away..

He went to a chiropractor and continued to google things to try to help him with his back pain. He finally went to the doctor who did an x-ray and found part of his back had shifted. The Doctors wanted to do an injection, but his insurance luckily would not pay for it. Which is how he found us. He was at a loss and did not know what to do. Check out his story and how he was able to resolve his pain in weeks!

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