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Helping Incarcerated Women Thrive in Life- A Community That Comes Together | Episode 36

Community is a Big Pillar of Health that people forget. It is never more evident on why community is so important than with the pandemic that just happened. But sometimes we forget that while we may still have community support with family and friends, so people are not so lucky..

That is what this next story is all about in our business Spotlight. Natalie with Well Grounded Coffee had a mission of helping women who were less fortunate, specifically incarcerated women who are not often given a second chance much less any hope or anyone helping them thrive or learn how to run all aspects of a business to move on to bigger and better things. 

You have to listen to this story.. A story of hope for a better future not only for the individual but for her family and future generations. Plus if you have not stopped by to grab a coffee in this coffee shop in East Dallas, then you have to check it out. It is my favorite coffee in the city! 

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