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Massage vs Myofascial Massage- what is the difference? | Episode 90

Not all massages are the same. You can have different massages that can affect you in completely different ways. The key like anything else is getting to the source of the problem.

I always say tissue tightness is usually a symptom. You have to get to why it is tight. When you look at the musculoskeletal system you will always see patterns. But when you have myofascial issues, this is a completely different system. The fascia is thin connective tissue that surrounds the muscles in sections. So you can have tightness, swelling, pain in a completely different area from where the tightness is located.

Lisa is a physical therapist that specializes in myofascial treatments. We have worked together for 18 years. She has spent years studying this approach to therapy.
The other thing you will notice is that our tissues can hold emotions and part of myofascial treatments is helping you release the emotions from your tissues.

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