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Meditative Massage- How Massage Meets the Beach | Episode 50

Have you ever had a massage take you into a meditative state? Where you can totally relax because all your senses are met… All the while feeling like you are on the beach somewhere. 


Well you will have to learn more about Massage Now that just came to the Dallas area. Their space is amazing. You walk in and the space is beautiful. The smell is amazing and then when you get into the space where the massages happen, the sound of beach waves surrounds the area. 


This will be the whole healing experience for your body. Listen to Sherilyn’s Story on her health journey and how she came to run the massage now. I always say that our body’s have an amazing ability to heal if we give it the right environment. Part of taking care of yourself is being able to relax and meditate and what better way to do that than with a massage at Massage Now. Check out their story and learn more about their space in this video. 

Want to learn more? Check out their website: https://thenowmassage.com/lower-greenville/

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