We also have house call visits for your convenience.

Meet Cory! Our New Physical Therapist joining the mPower Team

We have a new Physical therapist. Check out this episode to learn more about Cory and how she made her way to Dallas. Why she became a physical therapist and what brought her to our clinic!

Just like many other physical therapists, with reimbursement going down in clinics and expenses going up, that means you have to see more patients in an hour to make enough money to cover all the expenses! It is exhausting and it is hurting the physical therapy industry because many clients do not get full resolution with other physical therapy clinics! It takes time to sit down and have a conversation to understand what is going on to help age to the source of the problem. A 10 min conversation does not cut it!

So like many physical therapists, they love our model of having time to spend with clients to truly help them, but at the same time being able to go home not exhausted to have a life outside of work.
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