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Neck Problems Can Cause Shoulder Pain: Here’s what You Need to Know |Episode 98

Did you know that over 50% of shoulder Pain comes from the Spine?? Yup, it comes from the Neck or the thoracic spine!

So if you are only looking at the shoulder pain as the issues, you may be missing a huge piece of the puzzle leading you down the path of unnecessary treatments that will not work and years of frustration!
You have to understand how the body is connected in figuring out where the source of your problem is coming from.

It is not about strengthening, massage, or dry needling…. You have to understand the source or your will be treating a symptom and could be led down the path of years of hurting without results.
Check out this podcast to learn more and hear about testimonials of clients who were able to avoid shoulder surgery and clients that wish they never had surgery!

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