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Reduce Productivity Loss when workers get Hurt A Solution to Keep Workers comp costs down | Ep. 80

Do you have a or know a small to midsize business who is frustrated with the worker’s compensation process or maybe you are self insured or not insured looking for a better way to keep your workers productive without an injury that slows them down or takes them out of work altogether.

Losing staff means losing money or even losing projects.
Here are the frustrations with workers compensation… The time it takes to get the paperwork in, to see a doctor who usually just throws pills at them, then puts them in a brace, and then if you are lucky, maybe sending you to a physical therapist who may or may not be good.

They are then put on a work restriction – which most staff do not want to be on because they get paid less and now not only do you have to pay them, you have to find a replacement to help while they are on work restriction.

They go to multiple doctors visits, with multiple testings – which all take a long time to get approved which is more of a waiting game.
This all takes a lot of time and energy that for most injuries are not needed.

They have research showing the longer employees are out of work they less likely they will go back to work! Stop the madness.

We have a better way and that is what we will be discussing with Christina who owns a Tree Service company. She was having the same frustrations we discussed above until she started using our office as the in-between.

She did not have to use her insurance but at the same time had a win-win with her employees who could get immediate help and stay working safely. Check out her story..
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