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Stress, Hormones, and Inflammation – How to balance the body naturally | Episode 92

We often go to the doctor and know something is off. But you get all your testing and it comes back normal or with minor issues. The doctor says you are fine, or they just give you medication to help with whatever is going on.. But you still do not feel good.

You are frustrated that you do not have any answers. You are told that is just what happens as you get older. So you accept this is the way it has to be.
Wrong.. There is so much we can do naturally to help our body heal. We tend to just treat the symptoms when it comes to our healthcare system. There is a pill for that and a pill for this, but what if what you are noticing is linked!
We do not treat the whole body and that is wrong. Our bodies have an amazing ability to heal if we give it the right environment.
Did you know that our blood work is compared to sick people? That is why your blood work often comes back normal. We need to compare our blood work to healthy people..

This is why I love this talk with Dr. Mike Smith. He is a naturopathic physician who speaks my language and has helped numerous of our clientele get out of autoimmune conditions as well as when doctors do not have any answers to what is going on and nothing seems to be working, but he is able to help and guide them and educate them back to understanding their bodies.

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