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Why Kegel Exercises Are NOT Working For Your Condition | Episode 57

When you have a pelvic floor issue, the first thing you are told to do are Kegel Exercises. 

Whether you have leaking from coughing or exercising, prolapse (uterus or bladder is falling out), pelvic pain, urgency (urinating frequently), pre baby preparation, the only exercise you are told to do are kegel exercises. 

The other things you are told is that this is just what happens after you have a baby, procedure or as you age. You have to just live with it or have surgery. This is just not true. 

In this episode we talk with our pelvic floor specialist on why kegels are not working for all the different conditions mentioned above. Why kegel could be making you worse and what else does a pelvic floor physical therapist look at with each of these conditions? You will not want to miss this podcast. 

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