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Why TMJ Treatments may not be working | Episode 56

I alway say if you do not get to the source of the problem, you are just treating a symptom. We do this all the time in this medical system and the mouth is no different. 


There is a huge component of our neck pain patients that also have jaw pain.  They are closely linked. Most of the time you are getting an invisalign to help with your teeth or getting night guards, but you are still getting your jaw pain. 


No one is looking at your jaw shape and how you breath as a possible problem. When you are having issues with the jaw you can not go in for a 10 min consultation and get a resolution.That is what happens at most dentist offices. It takes time to understand where your problems are coming from which is why no one seems to be able to help clients get full resolution with TMJ and aesthetics until you meet Dr. Randall. 


Dr Randall gets into his story of how he got into dentistry and specializing in TMJ and aesthetics. He will get into what others are doing and why it is not working and what areas you have to look into as the missing piece of the puzzle. If you want to learn more about Dr. Randall check out his website at: https://drdrewrandall.com/


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