Neck pain is a real pain… It is exhausting. You feel like you are just living to work, because you can not do anything else after work due to the pain taking all the energy out of you.

You just want to come home and find a comfortable position.

Sometimes sleeping is the worse. You will wake up at 3 am due to the pain and have a hard time finding a comfortable position.

You want to workout but are fearful of making it worse..

Does this sound familiar??

It is so common and we see this all the time…

While is hard to come up with an exact plan for you because it truly does take an evaluation by and expert in the physical therapy field to figure out where on the spine is a problem (upper neck, mid neck or lower neck). 

Since the neck has a lot of more different motions, each section of the neck moves a little different. For example, the upper neck flex while the lower neck extends. Hence why you may need an evaluation, but here are my top tips I share with my clients who have neck pain.

TIP #1 Posture- don’t bend forward

We do 3,000- 4,000 bending forward throughout 1 day. We sit and look down at the computer, we are bending why checking out our phone. We are bending when we cook. We are constantly bending forward. So being aware of your posture is a big deal. Keeping the spine in its true resting position will keep the spine healthy.

 It is like bending your finger back. Your finger does not like to be in this position day in and day out and eventually the joint will say “ouch” and make you hurt and you are wondering what you did. It happens all the time with our spine.

So tip # 1 keep the spine in a good position and limit the bending forward. Pull the phone up to eye level to text. There are things you can do.

TIP #2 Use a lumbar roll while sitting

If you have a sitting job, it is best to use a lumbar roll while sitting. This is a roll you can place in the arch of your back. Have you ever noticed that when you slouch your head comes forward? Give it a try and have the mirror next to you. Well, if you sit up with a slight arch in the back (which is the normal resting position for the spine), your shoulders drop back and your head is over your shoulders. This is why using a lumbar roll will help. Because you can maintain this posture in a relaxed position. You will not be able to hold this position all day. No one can do this day in and day out.

TIP #3 Find a Specialist

I do not know how many patients who were told they had a shoulder problem and the problem was really coming from their neck. Or you get a massage and think that will help for your pain to return within hours. So often we treat the symptoms and never really get to the source of the problem. Because the neck moves in so many different ways, it is not always a simple answer as to this is the one thing you can do to help improve your symptoms. We can have a combo of movements that help. For example, you can have an upper neck issue and a lower neck issue.  It really does take spending time to learning more about what is going on and when it hurts and does not hurt and putting you through a thorough evaluation to figure it out. It is why finding a specialist like our office will really help to get you out of the exhaustion of pain.

If you or you know someone suffering from neck or shoulder pain, have them call our office of SIGN UP TO TALK TO OUR SPECIALIST for FREE.  To learn more to see if we can help and learn more on what is going on and what you are wanting to get back to doing.

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