What Happens when you do not take care of those Aches and Pains…..

What Happens when you do not take care of those Aches and Pains…..

You have those pesky aches and pains that do NOT stop you, but are fearful that one day you have to slow down or it STOPS you from doing the activities that you love to do.. But those pains are not bad enough yet.. You can still sort of do your activities, but you are getting more stiffness or aches and pains that you can semi manage.

You start to think this is just what happens as you get older…. Or that is what you tell yourself… You think there is nothing you can do for this particular aches, stiffness or pain.  

You are fearful of going to the doctor because you are afraid that the orthopedic surgeon is going to tell you that you must have surgery and you are not ready to do that yet!

You also do not want the doctors to tell you that you have to slow down or not do something that you love… Or worse they will just tell you that this is what happens as you get older.

So, you just do NOTHING about it!!

I get it.. We hear this all the time…

But here is what happens… We see this all the time…

You just keep going down that path of doing nothing about it… You still can do the things you love to do; you just have to adjust how you do it by avoiding certain movements or spend more time stretching to managing it.

You wake up stiff in the morning and doing stretches as your morning routine to keep you going.

Here is eventually what happens if you DO NOT take care of those aches and pains that are nagging.

Eventually you will compensate long enough that you will wake up one morning in more pain. Wondering what did you do? Why is this so bad?

You see your body wants to do what you want it to do. And if you compensate long enough using muscles that normally do not work that hard because other muscles are shut off due to poor movement patterns, your body will say, I will stop you buy making you hurt!

So you start spiraling down thinking the worst case scenario that you not have a major surgery that is going to have to happen, or you have cancer because you are not sure what you did. There was not injury or fall that created this pain.

You decide to go to an orthopedic surgeon (you surgeon you did not want to see because you did not want to have surgery because you were not hurting that bad).

From here there are 3 options that people go through when they see an orthopedic surgeon for their aches and pains that got worse.

  1. You go to a doctor who spends 5-10 min with you evaluating you and asking you a few questions and decide let’s get and MRI so we can “see what is going on.” 

Honestly, MRI’s lead you down the path of more unnecessary procedures. Did you know that if you did an MRI on 100 people who have zero problems or pains, that 60-80% of those people will show problems from rotator cuff tears, meniscal tears, herniated disc, degenerative changes, and I could go on and on…

So when you get an MRI and you hurt and you are not sure what you did, it will show something that may not be what is truly going on, leading you down the path of unnecessary treatments.

The other thing I say, is that were the site of the pain is often not where the source of your problem is.. So if your shoulder hurts, it may not be a shoulder problem, yet we do the MRI where you hurt… This is not a great plan as it can lead to that surgery that you did not want and may not work..

  • You go see the doctor and they evaluate you and say, lets start with an injection and see if we can go down the more “conservative path.”

Let’s talk about this path.. We feel pain 3 ways- mechanical, thermal, and chemical. Thermal is burns and sun burns so we will take that one off the table.

Chemical pain is when you injure yourself and get inflammation. This gives you the throbbing pain that is constant. You can not change your position to make changes to this pain. That is how chemical pain works. Chemicals (aka drugs and injections) treat chemicals.

But when you are not sure what you did. And you mostly likely can change your pain with different positions and your pain can increase or decrease based on activity or your pain will come and go- That is mechanical pain and injections do not work with mechanical pain.

That is why the injections did not last long, or your pain came back, or it just took the edge off or did not work at all. You did not get to the source of your problem, you just treated a symptom, which is what we do all the time in this healthcare system.

So then you go back to the doctors and they say well you have X, and you need to surgery to get it fix!

  • You go see a doctor and they say, lets start with physical therapy. YAY! I love that option. But you go to a place that sees 2 or more patients per hour. They do cookie cuter exercises based on the diagnosis that the doctor gave them.

For example, you had hip pain or piriformis syndrome, so they give you hip stretches and strengthening exercises and can not figure out why you still hurt. They never look at the back or thoracic spine as a source of the problem. Or your hip does not move very well and they just keep stretching the muscle which is just a symptom.

There is no education on what they are doing. You tend to come in doing the same exercises each visit. You try to explain that it is not working, but they still go to the same game plan each visit.

So, you get frustrated and go back to the doctor because PT did not work and they say, well we need to have surgery to fix x. Or worse, I do not know what to do or what to have surgery on and you are off to a frustrating life going from alternative healthcare with chiropractors, acupuncturist who may or may not help you.   

All these paths lead you down to frustration unless you can get to place like our place, who can truly help figure out what is going on.

When you are not sure what you did to creating your pain, this rarely needs surgery. And instead of going down this really bad path, you can just come into our office! We offer FREE DISCOVERY VISITS to help you make a better decision about your health.

To get you back to living without those aches and pains and understanding what you can do to get this resolved.

To spend time with you explaining our findings with a full evaluation checking the whole body to figure out where the pain is coming from and what you are doing that is creating your problem.

So, what are you waiting for…

And if you decide to go down that path stated above because you woke up on day with pain, remember, just come in to see us for a FREE DISCOVERY VISIT.

To keep you away from the expensive MRI’s, Injections, or worse surgery.