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Are you looking for Physical Therapy in Dallas?

Are you  looking for physical therapy in dallas and want to get to the source of the problem and not just treat symptoms and understand what you can do to put you in control?

Are you looking to avoid surgery, injections and medications?

Are you looking to get back to your normal, active lifestyle without the pain or stiffness and get back to the activities you love doing?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you are in the right place.. mPower Physical Therapy in Dallas can help you.

BEFORE you do anything else, I highly recommend to download this FREE GUIDE providing you with our 10 Tips report on Everything You need to know about Physical Therapy to help you regain or maintain your mobility for LIFE without Pain Pills, Medications or Injections.

We want you to understand how physical therapy can help you and put you at ease in your decision to choose the right healthcare provider for you, if this is what you are looking for

When you find the right physical therapy provider in Dallas to help you get back to the activities you love, it has the potential to:

This Guide will Tell you Everything you need to know about Physical Therapy, including:

Not all Physical Therapy is the same.

Just like in any other business. Finding one that can help you and listen to you and get you back to what you love doing is worth the investment in time to find.  

Choosing the right Physical Therapist can make a huge difference in whether you avoid the pain pills, injections or surgeries. So often people lose hope when they have TRIED everything, and nothing is working.

Maybe it is just not the right healthcare provider which is why when you find a good one, you stick with them.

Here at mPower Physical Therapy in Dallas, we specialize in people who have tried everything and did not get better but came to us and we were able to turn things around for them. We helped them avoid surgeries, get them off medications.

However, we are NOT right for you if:

We are RIGHT FOR YOU if you:

We have 4 Phases of Physical Therapy

Most healthcare providers skip a few of these steps and do not offer or have the time to offer all 4 phases.

Phase 1: Getting to know you.

Our first goals is to get to know you.
Most healthcare providers are not able to give you the time.

Doctors spend 10 min with you and most of that time is doing paperwork and asking questions they need in order to get paid leaving you only a few minutes to talk about why you are there in the first place. 

We know people come to us for many different reasons and different levels of readiness.
Some patients are ready to get started, while other patients need more time to figure out the path they want to take.
We understand it is a big decision and there are a lot of options out there.
Because of that we want to be a resource first to you and have many steps to helping you in this journey.

At mPower Physical Therapy of Dallas we have different steps you can take in your journey. We always want to put you in control and give you options that are right for you:

  1. Getting set up on our weekly mailing list of our blogs and education. This will provide you education on a variety of topics. (you can sign up here if you would like to start getting education in our inbox weekly).
  2. Come to one of our monthly Health and Wellness events. We do not want you to bring any money, credit cards, insurance or HSA accounts. This is purely for you to get to know us and answer any questions specific to you. We get information from the clients interested in going so we can tailor the talk to them. (you can email us here if you would like to go to our next event).
  3. FREE Discovery visit- This is a way for you to speak to one of our top physical therapists for free so you can learn how we can help you specifically and you can see if we are a right fit for you to work with us.
  4. Start with an evaluation and get started on getting you back to being active and doing the things you love.
  5. Start with our Pilates 1on1 program.. We have programs for the back, knee and shoulder health to keep you active. Getting your (back) on track.
Click Below if you want to start a conversation with one of our physical therapists before booking an appointment with us.  

Phase 2: Finding “the source” of your pain.

This is very important. Our body is connected. Most healthcare facilities will treat the symptoms without figuring out where the source of the problem is located.

What do I mean by our body is connected?

Since most injuries’ patients have no clue what they did to create it, we must figure out what you are doing throughout the day that over time with compensation.
If this is not addressed, your symptoms will come back by not bringing awareness to what you are doing daily.
For example, while yes back surgery may help you feel better, going back to doing your daily activities after surgery, your symptoms return. It is why it is so common to have 2-3 surgeries after the first one.

Stop the madness. Let’s stop the cycle and get you back in control.

What to learn more on how we can specially help you? What do you have to lose? Nothing. You are in control whether you want to continue with us or not.

Phase 3: Restore your imbalances through movement assessments, strength and flexibility

Once we have figured out the source of the problem and your are healing then we need to address the compensation patterns you have created due to the pain.
Most people are being told to just strengthen your core?
Start our your exercise program slowly and you will get back?

Start with light stretches and walking?

What does that mean?
Yes, exercise is important, but you could be doing the wrong exercise, doing too much, doing the exercises with the wrong form, or not doing the correct exercises specific to what you need.
There is a lot to understand and we at mpower physical therapy select each exercise for a specific reason. We could give the same exercise to 2 different people for 2 different reasons.

You will get education on why we are doing what we are doing for you.. (most healthcare providers do not do that)

I like to compare it to “just go and lose weight..” How do you do that? While yes, most people understand the principles, but applying those principles wrong or adjusting it to meet you where you are at will not lead you to results. If it did, we would not be in our health crisis we are today.
A professional who understands the body will help you know what do and how to progress you based on the evaluation and activities that you are not back to yet.
Breaking down the functional activities you cannot do and then putting it all together functionally without compensation or pain as the tissues can tolerate it.
The goals is not to strengthening you, but help you regain your confidence in your movement to get you back to what you love to do! Loss of Mobility and Independence is fearful whether you cannot exercise, run, cycle, walk or travel. We help to regain your mobility and confidence.

Phase 4: Regain your function and Restore your Quality of Life

The last phase is to progress you back to the activities you love safely.
  • We have helped people avoid back surgery when they were told surgery was their only options.
  • Literally one patient who on the surgery table tell the doctor they do not want to do this after talking to the people in the waiting room who were on their 2nd and 3rd surgery. After 7 visits he was back to working out pain free.
  • We have helped people who were told they had knee arthritis, and nothing could be done to running pain free and pushing their workouts like they use to before the pain.
  • We helped people be able to do more with their family such as playing with their kids
  • We helped clients able to spend more time with their family because they no longer had the exhaustion of managing the pain daily.

We do not promise there are quick fixes (although it sometimes does happen) or a silver bullet to complex cases.

But WE DO promise to use every single tool, resource, and time to you need to help YOU understand what is going on and progress YOU individually to get YOU back to what you love to do safely.

If you want to get back to running, working out at the gym, walking so you can travel and playing with your kids, we will guide you in the process.

We have set people up on a program to get them safely back with their trainers, running clubs, training while injured, walking programs, and playing sports with your kids.

If you would like to know more about how we can help you, Sign up for a FREE DISCOVERY VISIT. This is not a high pressure deal. Keep you money at home. It is for us to have a discussion to see if we can help you and for you to see if we are a good fit for you.

Due to our high demand we only have a few spots available each week. So click below now to reserve your spot and see if we can help you.

What do you have to lose? Nothing.