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Help Defy the Aging Process with BEMER Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy


A state-of-the-art, professional grade treatment

As we age, let’s face it, our bodies just take longer to recover.  From exercise to injury to ailments, our once speedy healing processes slow down often leading to frustration and chronic aches that just do not seem to go away.  When our body is not in balance or is working harder than it needs to, not only does this affect our physical function but interferes with our sleep, mood, and overall quality of life.

That is why here at mPower Physical Therapy in Dallas, TX we are thrilled to introduce BEMER PEMF therapy, a state-of-the-art, professional grade treatment that enhances the body’s natural healing processes, improves microcirculation and helps our clients improve their recovery times even as they age.

As we’re aging ourselves, we are always on the hunt for the latest evidence-based offerings that support natural healing and provide our patients alternative options to surgery, medications, and injections.  The good news is the BEMER is here and backed by years of clinical research, it can help you optimize your recovery, reduce Inflammation in the whole body as well as in those chronic problem areas, improve your immune system, help with sleep and feel your best!

What is PEMF therapy?

PEMF, short for pulsed electromagnetic field therapy, is a low-frequency electromagnetic current applied through a specialized mat, wrap or applicator to a desired treatment area.  If we imagine the cells in our body as tiny batteries, each with a positive and negative charge, PEMF serves as a battery charger, giving the cells a boost, restoring their charge and contributing to the body’s natural healing processes.  PEMF has a multitude of benefits including reduced pain, decreased inflammation, and improved blood flow and oxygen to the treated areas as well as increased waste removal as well..  With appropriate use, PEMF can help users recover faster from your workouts, your chronic recent injuries and get you back to feeling their best! 

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Who Can Benefit From PEMF?

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How is the BEMER Different From Other PEMF Products?

While there are many PEMF products flooding the market today, the BEMER tops the charts in terms of clinical efficacy and evidence-based backing.  The BEMER is different from other PEMF products in that it has a patented signal that is proven to cause vasomotion, the pumping action that helps move blood flow through the capillaries.

What Can the BEMER PEMF Therapy Do For You?

  1. Enhance the body’s natural healing processes 
  2. Expedite recovery from injury, exercise, and ailments
  3. By incorporating BEMER before Physical Therapy or Shockwave, you can experience faster and better results! All the cells are ready to receive the treatment increasing the treatment speed!
  4. Remove waste to help your body detox reducing inflammation, improving sleep and improving immune function

What is the Common Treatment Plan for the BEMER?

The common treatment plan at our office will include doing 8 minutes of PEMF before your physical therapy treatment and 8 min after your treatment.  This will help you maximize your rehabilitative interventions, enhance your cellular efficiency and improve your clinical outcomes.  Note that the BEMER system has different intensities available for different types of treatments- ie. fractures versus aging and full body versus isolated treatment opportunities depending on your treatment goals.

To maximize benefits, we then recommend you return to the clinic for 1 additional 20 minute treatment during the week.  The circulatory effects of BEMER will last up to 16-18 hours and the more you use the BEMER the better the effects. 

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What is the BEMER Pricing?

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Unveil the Best Version of You

If you’re ready to feel better, recover faster, and sleep better, give us a call here at mPower physical therapy in Dallas, TX and experience firsthand what PEMF therapy can do for you!