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Pelvic Floor Dysfunction

How to Finally Stop The Embarrassment of “Leaking” When You Cough or Exercise to Healing Prolapse or pelvic pain naturally.

If you have “leaking” with sneezing, coughing, running or Jumping, it is not uncommon for people to think that the cause was from pregnancy or as we age and think this is just what happens. That there is nothing you can do about it and this just normal after having babies or as we get older…

This is COMMON and is NOT NORMAL!

If any of these describes you, you are not alone. In fact, leaking or “incontinence” symptoms are ONE of THE MOST COMMON PROBLEMS that we see as a pelvic floor physical therapist.

Prolapse is also another common occurrence as we age or after having kids. In fact we recently had a client tell us their doctor told them to finish having kids and we will just take your uterus out to prevent her chance of having prolapse. REALLY?

What is Prolapse?

It is when the uterus, bladder, or rectum is fall out or down! But I want to assure you it is not your organ that is falling out of your body, it part of the vaginal wall that is being pushed on!
It typically happens due to weakness in the pelvic floor muscles that can lead to prolapse of the pelvic organs, which means the organs are beginning to protrude through the pelvic floor muscles.

What do you feel?

What you typically feel is pressure in the pelvic region, or a fullness or achiness in the abdomen. They may have some back pain or cramping. Symptoms can get worse being on your feet for prolonged times or lifting or exercising.

You feel like there is a lump, a golf ball or tennis ball that is in the vagina. You might feel like you are sitting on a small ball. You can have difficulty urinating or even having a bowel movement.
You do not have to have a baby to get prolapse…

Some ways you can get prolapse are

If you are thinking:
You are not alone.
Most of the time you are told you just have to deal with this. Or here is some medication to help you. The problem is NO ONE is getting to the ROOT CAUSE of the problem…
I went and googled treatment for Prolapse and “leaking.”
I was curious what you would find on this topic, and I was mortified!!
No wonder women think they just have to deal with this issue.

The Treatment topics that came up when GOOGLING these conditions

  1. Behavior techniques – training you to hold your bladder, schedule trips to the bathroom and fluid management – usually one treats a piece of the problem.
  2. Kegel exercises- now this is the answer to everything when it comes to women’s health and can make you worse and you are probably doing the exercise incorrectly! Chances are kegels are not an appropriate exercise for you to be performing.
  3. Medications- again is this getting to the root cause of the problem??
  4. Electrical stim to help strength your pelvic floor- Okay I can see how this might help, but you still have to be able to strengthen and relax the right muscles on their own. So you will need more than this!
  5. Injections- again is this really getting to the root cause of the problem.
  6. Medical devices- you insert devices to collect or absorb the urine! Again this is not getting to the source of the problem…
  7. Surgery – YIKES- Do you really want a surgery down there? Or have your uterus taken out (which by the way has a 50% reoccurrence rate because they are not truly fixing the problem: your pelvic floor).
  8. Wearing pads…
That is it! Not once was a pelvic floor physical therapist ever mentioned. Doing a thorough evaluation to get to the source of your problem! Giving you exercises specific to what is going on with you!
No wonder everyone is scared. I would rather leak than go through some of these procedures!! That by the way usually do not work…

Do you feel this way too?

If you are currently Living with Incontinence, urgency after having kids, or prolapse- these are all due to pelvic floor dysfunctions. We have a few options for you to learn more about how you can treat these conditions naturally…

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If any of this sounds familiar to you...

We would love to help you by inviting you to book a call to talk with one of our specialists at our Dallas Clinic, mPower Physical Therapy to find out what can be done to help YOU. The fact that you’ve tried any or all these things already is actually a GOOD THING because now that you can eliminate what doesn’t work – you are one step closer to finding the thing that does!

Don’t forget to start with the Option that fits you best. Or do both options.

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