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without pain pills, surgeries, or procedures.

About Our Practice

mPower Physical Therapy in Dallas was created out of the frustration of our healthcare system. We had so many patients coming to us who were on medications, getting multiple injections, getting surgeries and not getting better or feeling like there is no other options. 

“I wanted a place where people could get care and felt listened to, and allow us to help you understand how you can heal your body. A place where we can get you back to what you love to do even if it is a nagging injury,” said Stefani Crowley, founder of mPower Physical Therapy. of Dallas

We specialize in helping people with failed treatments. We specialize helping people avoid surgery, injections, and medications. We treat you one on one and come up with a specific program tailored to you. Once the source of the problem is identified, we help you fix the problem and then work on your goals to get you back to yoga, running, working out, sports, playing with your kids or whatever your specific goals may include.
We give you hope, empower you with education, restore your mobility, and give you strategies in place to help the pain from coming back. The benefits of working with an experienced physical therapist are endless. Join us and experience the positive changes to your health and well being.

Lakewood Physical Therapy Specialists

Welcome to mPower Physical Therapy, where our compassionate, knowledgeable Lakewood physical therapy specialists are ready to help you overcome your chronic pain.
Many men and women come to our clinic feeling hopeless. They quickly find that traditional medical doctors are not effective in treating their pain. These medical professionals are quick to guide patients toward steroid injections, painkillers and even surgery — but not everyone wants to go these invasive routes to find relief.
At mPower, our physical therapy specialists in Lakewood TX want to show you an alternative — and more effective — route to reducing or eliminating pain throughout your body, including such common areas as:
● Neck
● Shoulders
● Back (upper and lower)
● Knees
Instead of utilizing highly invasive methods of treatment, we use flexibility, strength and movement to address the imbalances in your body that are causing your pain. We are incredibly proud when patients have previously worked with medical doctors or other physical therapists, but then finally find relief at our clinic. It’s truly why our Lakewood physical therapy specialists do what we do — to give you your life back!

A one-on-one approach to healthcare

The primary reason that our physical therapy specialists in Lakewood TX are so effective in reducing and eliminating chronic pain is because we treat you as the unique individual that you are. Too often, medical doctors try to prescribe one-size-fits-all treatments to their patients, and that simply doesn’t exist.

At mPower, we take the time to communicate with you and learn a little bit about:

● The nature of the pain you’re experiencing and how it affects your life. This can range from a constant, dull pain to sharp, shooting pain. Some people live with it while it might hold others back from doing what they love.
● Where your pain originates from. We’re able to pinpoint the source so that we can treat you there. Doctors simply try to mask the symptoms (pain) through painkillers and injections.
● Your lifestyle. Knowing the dynamic of your life each day helps us create a treatment program that is uniquely your own.
● The goals you have for your physical therapy. Do you want to participate in recreational sports? Do you simply want to avoid pain while playing with your kids or grandkids? We want to know your goals so that we can help you accomplish them.
The Lakewood physical therapy specialists at mPower are standing by, ready to provide you with a free consultation to help you make a better decision about your health. Learn more about your pain and what we can do for it by setting your appointment.

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September 29, 2022 at 12:00 pm

Migraines, Neck & Shoulder Pain: How everything is Linked

Duration: 1hr
Location: Comforts of Own Home,
Price: $Free
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mPower Physical Therapy

Have you ever experienced neck or shoulder pain and wondered… ” HOW DID I LET MYSELF GET TO THIS POINT?”

We hear this so often from our clients!

Did you know Up to 70% of adults will experience Migraines, Neck or Shoulder Pain that interferes in their daily activities at some point in their life. Nearly 50% of individuals will continue to experience some degree of chronic neck or head pain or frequent occurrences.

Up to 70% will experience neck pain that interferes with their daily activities during their lifetime .And for many of them, they are only offered medication, procedures or worse surgery. You try massage to find out that you continue to hurt hours to days after you get it. You feel like you have no control in your life and pain.

In this online webinar presented by Stefani Crowley and Dr. Katie Overton, we will go over natural ways to prevent and resolve neck pain or shoulder pain. You do not have to rely on pain pills, injections, procedures, multiple doctor’s office visits, expensive MRI’s, or risky surgery.

We will go through 3 TIPs that will help you get relief today! So Make sure you save your spot today! You will not want to miss this information.

Plus we will get into why other treatments such as massage, medications, injections, etc do not work for lasting results!

Lets help you get out of the exhaustions from the pain that allow you to stop living. Literally living to just work and go home to relax from the pain. Not able to spend time with family and friends!

WE HAVE SPECIAL OFFERS for those who sign up including speaking to our Neck Specialists for FREE!!

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