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without pain pills, surgeries, or procedures.

About Our Practice

mPower Physical Therapy in Dallas was created out of the frustration of our healthcare system. We had so many patients coming to us who were on medications, getting multiple injections, getting surgeries and not getting better or feeling like there is no other options. 

“I wanted a place where people could get care and felt listened to, and allow us to help you understand how you can heal your body. A place where we can get you back to what you love to do even if it is a nagging injury,” said Stefani Crowley, founder of mPower Physical Therapy. of Dallas

We specialize in helping people with failed treatments. We specialize helping people avoid surgery, injections, and medications. We treat you one on one and come up with a specific program tailored to you. Once the source of the problem is identified, we help you fix the problem and then work on your goals to get you back to yoga, running, working out, sports, playing with your kids or whatever your specific goals may include.
We give you hope, empower you with education, restore your mobility, and give you strategies in place to help the pain from coming back. The benefits of working with an experienced physical therapist are endless. Join us and experience the positive changes to your health and well being.

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Upcoming Events

June 7, 2022 at 6:00 pm

Put An End To Your Jaw Pain: The Link Between your TMJ, Neck & Your Airway

Duration: 1 hour
Location: Your Home,
VIRTUAL – from the comforts of your home
Price: $Free
Hosted By:

Hilary Haler with mPower Physical Therapy, and Drew Randall with Randall Dentistry

Is neck pain, jaw pain, headaches or any combination of these keeping you from doing the activities you love or getting in the way of daily life? Do you wonder why you can’t find any lasting relief?

You have tried everything… massage, chiropractors, acupuncture, dentists and physical therapy, but your symptoms will not STAY away?

You use a mouth guard your dentist gave you hoping it will help, but it does not make a difference. We hear this a lot!

One question we started asking all of our patients with neck pain or headaches is do you have any jaw pain or discomfort?

And most of the time the answer is YES, actually I do…how did you know?

There is a direct connection between the upper neck and jaw and a lot of practitioners will miss this key component. They may only treat the neck or only treat the jaw. The truth is you have to look at both to find out the root cause of your symptoms to correct the problem.

Beyond the neck and the jaw there is often an underlying airway issue or obstructive sleep apnea. If there is something obstructing our airway, our body will push our lower jaw forward to open up the airway so we can breathe. This changes the head, neck and jaw position causing issues.

If You Experience:
– Jaw pain
– Neck pain or stiffness
– Headaches
– Clenching, grinding, popping or clicking in the jaw
– Tooth or Ear aches
– Sleep apnea
-Sinus pressure

We have answers for you.. You no longer should have to suffer with a bad night’s sleep, or brain fog and fatigue, having a hard time concentrating due to the pain in your neck and jaw.. Get answers now!

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