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If you know someone who was told they have a pretty big herniated disc and they need to have surgery, then they are going to want to read and hear this story. We had a client who literally had a 9-10 mm disc bulge and was in pretty bad shape. He was given some bad education on exercises to perform and they made him worse!

Check out this story… Just another reminder that our body has an amazing ability to heal if we give it the right environment. This patient had to drive to us from a distance (literally ubering because he could not tolerate driving due to having so much back pain).

Back Pain Testimonial

If you have a fear of losing your independence, not being able to travel, not wanting to get out due to a fear of falling, not being able to spend time with your kids and grandkids, then this podcast is for you.

Learn how Pilates literally changed her life and outlook on life. Toppy was thinking that she is just going to have to decline and the wheelchair may be closer than she wanted. Now she can’t even see a wheelchair in the future. She feels the best she has felt in 10 years..

Pilates Testimonial

Whether you are having problems lifting weights due to shoulder pain, or cycling, or lifting luggage overhead and you do not want to go down the surgery path and want to get to the source of your problem then this is the podcast for you.

I always say where the site of the pain is often not where the source of the problem is located and it is true for the shoulder. This client went to several other physical therapists who said they specialized in helping him get resolution but did not help. They both went and only looked at the shoulder when looking for problems, and never looked at other areas and put all the pieces of the puzzle together.

Shoulder Pain Testimonial

Check out Ricky’s story. He came in with Knee pain and was being told by the doctors that he needed a knee replacement. He was having difficulty playing golf which was a problem. He came into our office and learned how he could avoid the surgery but also learned how the foot can affect the knee! He got scanned for foot and ordered foot orthotics as we showed him how much his foot had dropped on the one side he was having knee issues. When he got his orthotics he noticed an immediate difference in his knee pain. Check out more of his story below.

Knee Pain Testimonial

When you go down with an injury that you know you have torn your muscle and you no longer want to put much weight on a massive calf injury all your fears of how long will this take come into play. Am I going to be able to play sports again? This client was a firefighter, so how long am I going to be out of work.

In this episode Shannon shares her story of how shockwave after 2 treatments helped her get back to work and work a fire without problems. Anyone that has had a massive calf strain knows that you can not do much after 2 weeks of treatment for something that was this big of an injury. You will not want to miss her story of how she healed in a very quick time using a regenerative type of therapy called shockwave. Check out her story..

Shockwave Testimonial

If you are about to have Rotator Cuff Surgery and want to avoid it at all cost, then you are going to want to hear this story.

Steven is a client who literally could not raise his shoulder off of body. He could move his elbow but could not move his arm away from his body. That is how bad of an injury he had. But he also did not want to have surgery as that is a 6-7 month to a year process to get back to doing everything he loved such as running, cycling, swimming.

So he came into our office wishing he came months earlier when his shoulder was not as bad. But we started out with an evaluation and gave him some exercise to just get his muscles to fire. After a couple of visits with slow progress, we just got our Non invasive Regenerative therapy at our office called shockwave. We tried the treatment on him and 5 visits later he was moving his shoulder like nothing had happened to it. Check out more of his story..

Shockwave Testimonial

Check out Hunter’s Story of having Chronic Back Pain as a Collegiate Swimmer. How trying other physical therapy offices was making him worse and not progressing him.

He was feeling like he was not going to be able to swim to his best ability and fearing he was going to have to live with back pain for the rest of his life and he was only 19!

In his story he shares what he tried, how our office looked other sources that could be creating his problem, and how we ended up using shockwave therapy which is a regenerative type of therapy.

He was either going to try shockwave or injections and tried shockwave and within 4 treatments he was back stronger and feeling like he never had back pain before..

Check out his story.. If you are wanting to learn more about Shockwave Therapy and how this Regenerative therapy could help with your chronic or recent pains and injuries to get you feeling your best, FAST..

Shockwave Testimonial

Listen to Emily’s Story of where she had knee pain for over 3 years and going to multiple PT offices without results. How her doctors told her it was her back that was the problem which can definitely cause knee pain, but that was not where the source of her problem was coming from.

This is often the case we find. If you do not get to the source of the problem, you are treating the symptoms. While she had some back pain, her problem was actually coming from something else.

She shared her experience at other physical therapy offices and why she chose to come to us! Check out her story. and learn how she got her life back.

Knee Pain Testimonial

Tracy is one of our patients who started hurting 2 years ago. He liked to fix bikes and was in these really bad flexed positions for long periods of time. He started hurting and his pain got worse over the years. Not sure what to do, he tried to stay active doing yoga and biking, using Dr google for exercises, but that was not helping his pain go away..

He went to a chiropractor and continued to google things to try to help him with his back pain. He finally went to the doctor who did an x-ray and found part of his back had shifted. The Doctors wanted to do an injection, but his insurance luckily would not pay for it. Which is how he found us. He was at a loss and did not know what to do. Check out his story and how he was able to resolve his pain in weeks!

Back Pain

Check out this Patient’s story to give you hope that it is possible to get resolution to hip pain. This client was supposed to travel with a friend to Italy but wanted to back out. Her hip has been bothering her and it was getting worse. She was having a hard time walking around and did not want to travel in the exhausted state she was in because it would not be fun!

She had been going to a chiropractor and while he really helped her in the past with some issues, she was not getting results this time. Her friend would not have it and said she had to come on the trip with her so her friend recommended she come to our office!

She came in and we spoke with her for free to see if we could help.. After the conversations, I was even thinking this was a hip problem based on everything she said and how she moved.

It was not until doing a full evaluation that my staff found that it was really a back problem. Check out her story!

Hip Pain Testimonial

Juanita is a client like many of our clients. She tried lots of treatments and went to lots of doctors to try to get some sort of resolution for her pain.
She has had neck pain for 10 years. She has been going to a great massage therapist to manage it, but her neck pain never went away.
She then started to get some elbow pain about 1 year ago. Nothing seemed to help.

Then she started to get thumb pain and started to get trigger finger. Check out her story to learn more!

Neck Pain Testimonial

When you get headaches everyday, you will be exhausted. The pain literally takes up the space in your head creating brain fog and only wanting to come home to veg on the couch and do nothing. For you then to go to bed and do it all over again the next day..

Having headaches everyday, you literally are living to just work and not enjoying any time with your family, friends or doing anything fun. You just do not feel good!

This is the story of Bobbi. She heard about us through a newspaper article that we write weekly. She said, OMG I have been hurting for years.. And this may be my solution.

Of course she was skeptical, but she wanted to learn and hear what we had to say.. She was hopeful.. Her husband even asked if after seeing us for a free discovery visit if we were quacks!

She said we were the first people to sit and listen to her story, believe her in that she was actually hurting as bad as she was (as doctors thought she was crazy), and that we have seen this before and we could help her.

She told her husband, “No, I think this may actually work..” I am so hopeful that I might just get my life back..

Check out Bobbi’s Story and learn how she was able to go from having everyday headaches to a lasting solution within weeks!

Bobbi, mPower Physical Therapy Client
Everyday Headaches, neck and Shoulder Pain gone within weeks!
Bobbi's Story of Chronic Headaches

Karen has had back pain for years. She is a marathon runner and like many of our clients she was getting pain and the only option given to her was the injections. Well they worked but only for a short time, literally after 3 injections to help her through a marathon, she literally had her pain return during her marathon..

Back Pain

She was fearful of not being able to stay active due to knee pain as she was getting older. Going to the orthopedic surgeon’s office who said she has arthritis and is going to need to go down the path of injections and surgery to help her knee pain. She was able to avoid surgery and injections for her knee pain, learn how in this video.

Christina's Knee pain Is no longer slowing her down
Knee Pain Testimonial

Jim started to experience typical pelvic floor issues after having his prostate removed. This was making it difficult for him to travel and play golf, which he thoroughly enjoys.

Pelvic Floor Dysfunction

Foot Pain is something that when it happens, it can disrupt your life. You literally need your feet to be able to walk around doing daily activities to traveling and even running.

Well check out her story in this testimonial and learn more about what we did and how she was able to compete in just 2-3 treatments to get her back running without pain!

Foot Pain Testimonial

He had a pretty big herniation that caused his backpain and stopped him in his tracks. The doctors did not have any solutions for him other than surgery which he knew he did not want.

Back Pain Testimonial

“Why did I have to find this out on my own….” This is what this client said about how physical therapy helped this client with her plantar fasciitis. A doctor did not send her to physical therapy! They only offered her an injection which did not work!

If you are not finding solutions to your plantar fasciitis and what you can do to help get full resolution then you need to check out Kristee’s testimonial.

Foot Pain Testimonial

She was having hip pain and then felt a pop. She could not walk after that. The doctors said to rest for 2 weeks, but she did not make much progress. Luckily she got referred to our clinic, and in 5 weeks she was back to playing soccer and tumbling.

Caroline Wood
Hip Pain Testimonial

She retired and all she wanted to do was to travel. Her knee was getting in the way of that.. She was having issues walking, going up stairs, exercising and doing yoga. She tried to do all the right things to help with her knee, but they were not working.

Nancy Jellinek
Knee Arthritis Testimonial

Are you frustrated with your Knee, Hip, or Back Pain.. Going to a doctor and they only want to throw medications at your problem?

This was this client’s story. She came in with back pain that everyone said there was nothing else they could do.. Yes, even doctors. She got a resolution for that and then her knee pain that had been off and on for 20 years started to act up.

Melba Bohdan
Patients Knee and Hip Pain Testimonial

Years of Treatments and Fears of Slowing Down with Back Pain, To Now Thriving and doing everything he loves.

Zac C.
Patients Back Pain Testimonial

As you get older, you fear that you have arthritis when you start hurting, especially when you have knee pain. You start to think I am going to need to have a knee replacement. The arthritis in your knee starts to slow you down.

Jay Forrester
Patient's Knee Testimonial

Back pain is such a common injury that is miss treated by other healthcare providers.. Learn more on Elisabeth’s story of hope that she can truly get back and her experience at our healthcare office verses other offices and why we get results.

Patient Testimonial

Listen to Marlow’s Story. She thought she was going to have to slow down as she aged due to her Aches and Pains. She was told by the doctor that nothing was really wrong. She tried so many different healthcare providers without lasting results. She went to other Physical Therapist, Chiropractors, acupuncturist, without results.

Patient Testimonial

I had Rotator Cuff Surgery Scheduled, but was able to Cancel it and still got my LIfe back!

Stacy - mPower Physical Therapy patient
mPower Physical Therapy Patient