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mPower Physical Therapy: Setting the Standard for Physical Therapy in Lakewood, TX

Let us help you take control of your health.

Here at mPower Physical Therapy in Lakewood...

Our goal is to get you back to living your life… not having to fear that you have to slow down, won’t be able to stay active, won’t be able to play with your kids or grandkids or worse yet, lose your independence. You no longer have to be afraid that traveling to exciting places will eventually be taken away from you due to your aches and pains. Our 1-on-1, individualized approach puts YOU at the forefront with an expert by your side to guide you down the road to recovery and LIVING your LIFE. Forget assembly line, cookie-cutter programming. We pride ourselves on clinical excellence, evidence-guided practice and a caring approach that helps you achieve your goals and gain lasting results.

Have you tried everything?

Feeling skeptical? We get it. Our healthcare system has evolved to a point where efficiency and productivity trump patient-centered, compassionate care. With so many providers NOT having the time to spend with clients to figure out the source of their problems, they move instead to quick (non) fixes with drugs, injections and even surgery. It’s no wonder patients are left with ineffective, short-term solutions that create long-term problems.

But not us. Here at mPower in Lakewood, TX we’re breaking through the mold and helping those that feel failed by the current healthcare model. Our patient-first, outcomes-driven mentality helps us break down dysfunction, empower our patients and institute a holistic approach that delivers results.

The mPower difference

We’re here to “mPower” you through customized treatments, skilled manual interventions and technology integrations that will help you achieve the outcomes you want and deserve. What sets us apart is we can give you the time to listen to you and collaborate with you in understanding your story and putting the pieces together to solve your problem and give you lasting results! Tell us your story, help us unpack the problem and let us tailor a treatment plan that gets you out of pain and back to living.

What sets us apart:

What we can do for YOU:

We specialize in movement. Whether your goal is to stay independent, get in control of your chronic pain or prepare to run a marathon, we’re here to help. Restore your mobility, regain your function and get back the movement confidence you deserve.


“mPower physical therapy gave me hope when I lost it and strength when I was weak. Plus they are a joy to be around! Book an appointment today- they might just change your life”

~Jessica, mPower physical therapy patient

“I limped into MPower and literally walked out, amazed and hopeful for the first time in YEARS after just one session. Stefani did a full evaluation and very quickly identified what was wrong – it wasn’t my knees. It was my hips. She has the amazing ability and tenacity to really dig in and figure out what the root cause of pain is. I did a round of treatment with her over several months where she taught me how to stretch and strengthen to completely eliminate my knee pain. If you’ve never tried physical therapy before or even if you have and have been let down, please do yourself a huge favor and go see the amazing staff at MPower. You have nothing to lose but immobility and pain.”

~Ashley, mPower physical therapy patient

After months of chiropractor & massage therapists, I came to see Ben. Within the first few exercises of my session, I began to get mobility back in my arm. I went through months of pain without being able to do normal activities and couldn’t raise my arm above my head! Being self-paid with no insurance, I was worried about seeing a physical therapist. Ben and the staff at mPower not only worked with me on every level possible, they even give me exercises to do on my own to help limit how many times I had to come into the office. Great place to do therapy and to build friendships! Wonderful people. Even after months of not going, they still call to check on me and my family. If I could give 10 stars, I would!

~Matthew, mPower physical therapy patient

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Our team of dedicated experts is here for you.  Set up your free discovery visit and let’s have a conversation about how we can help.  No gimmicks. No strings attached.  If you feel we’re the right fit for you, we will establish a plan and get you back on your feet and in control of your health.  Stop hurting and start living with the team at mPower physical therapy on your side.

For more information or to schedule your free consultation, give us a call at (214) 538- 2559.  Get back to doing what you love with mPower Physical Therapy in Lakewood.