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Chiropractic Care that is More than Manipulation… Why you have to Treat the Whole Body | Episode 76

n this episode we talk with DR Anthony Vasile of Texas Chiroheath of Lakewood on how his office is more than just a Manipulation. “You have to treat the whole body, nutrition, mind and body” 

We both have similar approaches to health and are so glad there are other healthcare providers out there that look at the whole body. We always say you have to get the mobility back before you can work on strengthening and they have the same philosophy. 

They work closely with you on your Nutrition and getting your mind right. They do a lot of charity work giving the x-ray money they get and donating that to different charities each month. 

Please check out Dr. Anthony’s story and learn more about this business at: https://texaschiropractichealthlakewood.com/

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