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Going from Chronic Back Pain to Pain free using Shockwave Therapy | Episode 107

Check out Hunter’s Story of having Chronic Back Pain as a Collegiate Swimmer. How trying other physical therapy offices was making him worse and not progressing him. To him feeling like he was not going to be able to swim to his best ability and fearing he was going to have to live with back pain for the rest of his life…

In his story as we talk about how other places just went to the site of his pain and how we looked at other sources that could be creating his problem, and how we ended up using shockwave therapy which is a regenerative type of therapy. He was either going to try shockwave or injections and he tried shockwave and within 4 treatments he was back stronger and feeling like he never had back pain before..

Check out his story.. If you are wanting to learn more about Shockwave Therapy and how this Regenerative therapy could help with your chronic or recent pains to get you feeling your best Fast.. Then check out our next event happening this month or if you missed it just email us at info@mpower-pt.com and ask for” the recording of the Shockwave event.”

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