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How Alternative Medicine can help with Infections, Hormones and much much more | Episode 45

Jose with Regen IV Wellness has an amazing story of how he went from being a paramedic and having metal poisoning and wondering what is wrong with his health. He learned that a part of his job had created toxins in his body that he found a way to holistically detox to get him feeling great again. Through that process he continued his learning on other ways to help the body heal without using what we consider is traditional medicine. 

I always say our body has an amazing ability to heal if we get to the source of the program and we give the body the right environment. I think you will learn new ways to heal the body by checking out Jose’s story and why we started his business. 

If you would like to learn more about Regen IV Wellness check out his website at https://www.regenivwellness.com/ 

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