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How I avoided thumb surgery when all the doctors said I need it! | Episode 91

Juanita is a client like many of our clients. She tried lots of treatments and went to lots of doctors to try to get some sort of resolution for her pain.

She has had neck pain for 10 years. She has been going to a great massage therapist to manage it, but her neck pain never went away.
She then started to get some elbow pain about 1 year ago. Nothing seemed to help.

Then she started to get thumb pain and started to get trigger finger. She had pain down her arm, she could not move her thumb due to weakness and she had a trigger finger that developed on top of that..
With all those symptoms and the progression, no doctor wanted to know the whole story. They only focused on her trigger finger and all of them said she needed to have surgery..
Thankfully she was referred to our office.

Now when she came in, her pain patterns were the same as the nerve pattern of a C6 compression in her neck.
Doctors were not interested in that.. They did not want to put the pieces of the puzzle together..
Within the first treatment her thumb regained its strength, and her pain was about 70% better. We still had work to do on her thumb and elbow due to the constant pain in those locations,, but her symptoms were coming from her neck!! She would NOT have gotten resolution if she had thumb surgery.

In fact, she probably would have been worse!
Check out her story to learn more.. And learn what we did to help her get the results to get her life back without surgery!

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