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How My Foot Pain Went Away In Weeks after Failed Treatments | Episode 68

Foot Pain is something that when it happens, it can disrupt your life. You literally need your feet to be able to walk around doing daily activities to traveling and even running. 


This client has been waiting to do a ½  ironman competition for 3 years. For those who do not know what that is, you swim a long way (1.2 miles).. Bike a long way (56 miles)…. And run a marathon (13.1 miles).  


She had a hip injury that we took care of 3 years ago that made her move her iron man competition out a year, but then covid hit. So all competitions were canceled. 


So she finally was able to compete and signed up to do the ironman in Hawaii and about 2 months before her competition her foot started to hurt. It makes it really hard to run when you have foot pain.. 


So she went to a Foot Orthopedic doctor and a PT who set her up with orthotics which made her worse.. 


Now she was really having a hard time running and fearing that she might have to cancel her competition again which is heartbreaking because of all the training that you put in to do one of these competitions. 


Luckily she already knew us and called us to get her in to see if we could help…. 


Well check out her story on this PODCAST and learn more about what we did and how she was able to compete in just 2-3 treatments to get her back running without pain! 


If you know someone who has foot pain and has either tried everything and nothing has worked or who does not want to spend the time and money on treatments that do not work share this.. 


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