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How Orthotics Helped with My Knee and Hip pain | Episode 48

Are you frustrated with your Knee, Hip or Back Pain.. Going to a doctor and they only want to throw medications at your problem, or you go to physical therapy and never get resolution to your pain. 


You fear you are going to have to live like this for the rest of your life or you have to go through with dangerous surgery that may or may not help. 


This was this client’s story. She came in with back pain that everyone said there was nothing else they could do.. Yes, even doctors. She got resolution for that and then her knee pain that had been off and on for 20 years started to act up. 


So we started to give her some solutions for her knee pain which were helping, but she was still getting some soreness, we scanned her feet to see what else could be going on there to potentially get fit for some custom orthotics and listen to how much they helped with her foot (off and on plantar fasciitis), knee, and hip tightness when she started using them.. 


Check out her success story… 


Are you having back pain, knee pain, foot, neck or shoulder pain? Are you frustrated that you are not getting better and back to living your life? Or maybe you just want to find ways to avoid surgery, medications, and injections? Then, this is for you… 

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