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How Shockwave Therapy helped a client Avoid Rotator Cuff Surgery | Episode 110

If you are about to have Rotator Cuff Surgery and want to avoid it at all cost, then you are going to want to hear this story.

Steven is a client who literally could not raise his shoulder off of body. He could move his elbow but could not move his arm away from his body. That is how bad of an injury he had. But he also did not want to have surgery as that is a 6-7 month to a year process to get back to doing everything he loved such as running, cycling, swimming.
This is a problem because he is very active doing ironmans – that is a lot of biking, swimming, and running. He was not able to do anything due to not being able to move his shoulder at all.

So he came into our office wishing he came months earlier when his shoulder was not as bad. But we started out with an evaluation and gave him some exercise to just get his muscles to fire. After a couple of visits with slow progress, we just got our Non invasive Regenerative therapy at our office called shockwave. We tried the treatment on him and 5 visits later he was moving his shoulder like nothing had happened to it. Check out more of his story..
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