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How to Balance Hormones Naturally | Episode 67

You are frustrated that you are gaining weight, getting hot flashes, not sleeping very well and having more fatigue and brain fog as well as a host of other symptoms. 

You can tell something is off, but all you get from the doctors is that it is normal to get those symptoms as you age. Or you are getting a pill for not sleeping, a pill or potion for hot flashes, how to lose weight, etc. Without really getting to the source of the problem. 

In this episode we get into some top tips on how to balance your hormones naturally.

You will learn more about my story as I have aged and how I was able to help myself get my body back into balance without being on drugs or treating symptoms. 

And yes, I was told by a doctor that what I was experiencing was because I am getting older. He even asked my age before making a comment. 

It is possible to balance your hormones naturally and when you do, you will notice all your symptoms you are experiencing will go away. 

Check out this video to learn some of my top tips as well as reaching out if you would like to get a recording of our talk more in depth on this very topic as well as why leaking and taking out your uterus is not a solution either. We have a call happening on July 27, 2022 at 12 pm going over this topic and more. If you missed it do not worry, we are recording this event and can send you the link. 

just email us at info@mpower-pt.com and ask for the hormone and constipation talk. We will get back with you on a link to sign up or the recorded call if the event has passed.  

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