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How to Stay Fit as you Age without Aches and Pains | Episode 39

If you are told that is just what happens as you age, 

Or you just have to live with your pain due to arthritis. 

Or You have to have surgery or be on medications because there is nothing else you can do. 

If you think you have to live with the stiffness, aches and pain as you get older, think again. 


What will you learn at this event:

  1. Why staying active as we age is so important to your health, such as keeping your energy up, improving your balance, helping with bone health


  1. I am stiff and my joints do not move very well


So many times people are stretching the wrong way. Sure, you may have hamstring tightness, but that tightness might be a symptom of something else that is going on in the hip. And stretching your hamstring might be making it worse or not helping at all. Then you start to think, that is just what happens as I get older. Not true. 


You will learn more on this topic at this event!


  1. Why arthritis might NOT be why you are hurting. Arthritis gets used all the time as THE REASON you are hurting. Learn why at this next event. 


Yes, there is hope… Too many people come in thinking that arthritis is the reason for their pain, when instead it was a tendonitis, or tight muscles around the joint, or the reason for the pain was coming from somewhere else. 


Remember, I always say where the sight of the pain is often not where the source of the problem is located. Many healthcare providers including doctors only look at the SITE of the pain… That is a problem


  1. Why Imaging might be leading you down the path of unnecessary procedures- Yes, learn what the RESEARCH is saying about MRI… You will be shocked! I always say it is an EXPENSIVE SELFIE.


  1. Why Surgery, injections and Medications are overused (I can count on my hand how many people we have sent to have surgery in 4 years!!) When you are not sure what you did to start hurting, then you can get resolution without surgery or medications. Learn why they do not work and how to know when you may need an injection or medication. 


  1. Learn how to stay active as you age! You do not have to live with the aches and pains, and you can stay active as you age! It is possible. 


Are you having back pain, knee pain, neck or shoulder pain? Are you frustrated that you are not getting better and back to living your life? Or maybe you just want to find ways to avoid surgery, medications, and injections? Then, this is for you… 

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