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Why your Plantar Fascia Treatments are NOT working | Episode 60

“Why did I have to find this out on my own….” This is what this client said about how physical therapy helped this client with her plantar fasciitis. A doctor did not send her to physical therapy! They only offered her an injection which did not work!

If you are not finding solutions to your plantar fasciitis and what you can do to help get full resolution then you need to check out Kristee’s testimonial. 

If you are searching google or reaching out to friends on facebook on what to do with your plantar fasciitis and you are getting 25 different answers that worked for your friends.. Or you feel overwhelmed on what will work for you.. 

Do not waste your time.. Get to the experts who can get to YOUR root cause as you will get better faster.

If your podiatrist only offers you hard orthotics (our foot is flexible please do not go down this route) or injections and nothing else, please give us a call so we can give you solutions.

It is not one size fits all. There are so many components to what can cause plantar fasciitis and we have to come up with a game plan specific to you including lifestyle changes. Foot assessment screens to fit you with flexible orthotics designed for you! 


if you live in Dallas, TX we offer FREE Discovery Visits where you can speak to one of our Physical Therapists who specialize in helping you avoid Surgery, Medications or injections and getting you back doing what you love! We often see the patients who have had failed treatments elsewhere but get back to being active by coming to our office.  The Discovery Visit is designed to help you make a better decision about your health and for us to see if we can truly help you get back to living your life… But do not delay as we only have a few spots per week that we dedicate to the type of appointments. Just Click on the link to start the process to get started! https://ac415-571e3f.pages.infusionsoft.net


We can also get you set up for a free foot scan as well. Just fill out the form above. But do not delay as we only have a few spots a week for these spots.