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Fastest Way To Relieve Knee Pain To Keep You Active | Episode 117

I always say where the site of the pain is often not where the source of the problem is located and this is true for the knee. If you are going to a place that only looks at the knee, or only works on strengthening the knee, or only looks at the tissue around the knee, they may be missing the boat..

In this podcast we will go through all the different sources of knee pain based on pain located and patterns. You might be surprised that you can have back issues that only cause knee pain. That can even cause the knee to not have full range of motion. What would give that away to thinking I might need to look at the back as a source of the knee pain..

Then you will want to watch this video to learn more.. Also learn more on why surgery might not help you.. We go through knee scopes and Total Knee Replacements and show that people actually resolved and felt better without the surgery. A significant portion.
We got rave reviews when we did this presentation to a sold out crowd.

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