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5 Best TIPS to Fix Your Jaw (TMJ) Pain

How to Put an End to your JAW PAIN WITHOUT Pain Pills, Surgeries, or Injections...

If you are experiencing TMJ issues, Jaw pain, sleep apnea, neck and/or head pain, then you need to hear this message if you want full resolution.

Unfortunately our healthcare system can lead us to feel like there is nothing you can do for your TMJ without medication, surgery or injections. Not all providers understand the connection between our symptoms and our TMJ . It is not uncommon for our patients to share “The last time I went to the doctor they just told me to rest or just keep wearing your mouth guard”.

Did you know that stiffness often comes before pain. Your neck and jaw stiffness is not just something to accept “because you are getting older”.

You may feel symptoms of muscles tightness hoping that a massage will resolve it, but your tightness and pain returns soon after.

There’s no obvious reason why it happened and no one has looked at all the pieces to your puzzle surrounding your pain and NO one looks at your airway as a significant contributing factor.

You may think rest and medications help soon resolve the symptoms and it will go away just like it did in the past.. But it is not getting better…and actually starting to get worse!

If this resonates with you, you’re not alone – and we hear this type of thing all the time. In fact, TMJ, jaw pain, neck and headache pain and sleep apnea are some of THE most common problems that we see in our physical therapy clinic in Dallas!

And when it comes to living with TMJ and Jaw pain, everybody we see wants to know:

“Why is This Happening to Me?”…


“Why Am I Still Suffering With Jaw Pain After Putting Up With It For Years (Maybe More)?

When most of our patients start feeling jaw pain they do not know which provider to go to. Who can help?! Finally they get to a dentist, and their first solution is to put you in a mouth night guard.

You give that a try and you’re still experiencing jaw pain, neck pain and even migraines. Is it normal to be biting through your mouthguard? You feel like nothing is working and you are not going to get better. Will you have to live with this for the rest of your life?!

Does That Sound Like You?

Another scenario we see all the time in our Physical Therapy Clinic is when people go to their Doctor, and their Doctor tells them to rest and “try these painkillers” and “see how it goes”.

But this is rarely ever the best advice and often 6 weeks later, they end up going back to the Doctor again because it hasn’t got any better. They are told to go to the Dentist that may or may not know how to treat TMJ correctly. They end up prescribing a mouth guard that may or may not help. Rarely do these providers refer out to physical therapy, or if they do it may not be the right PT.

This is madness and explains why so many people are suffering with TMJ and not getting better.

Has This Happened To You?

Why else does Jaw and TMJ pain persist? Well, it’s easy to get confused because you’ve been told different things, by different people. There’s lots of people out there who are happy to dispense advice – but not all of it is credible.

Maybe you’ve been told your TMJ and jaw pain was caused by muscle tightness – so you get a massage and that still does not help.

You have to get to the source of the pain: assess jaw position, tongue mobility, the joint movement in the neck and jaw, and how the teeth and tongue work together. 

If you don’t know what you’re doing – TMJ pain can be very confusing and because of this, many people just end up accepting it as ‘part of life’ – as if it’s normal, and ‘just the way it is’.

Do You Feel That Way Too?

If You’re Currently Living With TMJ and Jaw Pain, Here’s 7 More Reasons Why It Could Be Lasting Longer Than It Should:

If any of these have happened to you – we would love to help you by inviting you to schedule a call with one of our physical therapists at our Dallas location to find out what can be done to help you.

The fact that you’ve tried any or all of these things already is actually a GOOD THING because when you know what doesn’t work – you are closer to finding the thing that does!

Not Ready to book a call with one of our Specialists? We have put together out Top Tips to Fix Lower back pain in a FREE REPORT..

What Can I Do To Get Rid Of MY Jaw/TMJ or Neck pain Pain Quickly?”…

Well, here’s 4 things you can do:

   First off, you need to make a decision to get help. So many people procrastinate for so long, thinking that TMJ and Jaw pain will ‘just go away with time’, but then 6 months down the line they’re still putting up with it, and nothing’s changed… Or it gets worse. You start to think that you just have to LIVE WITH IT, because you are getting older and that is what just happens.

   2. Next, do the RIGHT exercises – one of the best things to help you ease your TMJ and jaw pain is to do the right series of progressed exercises and manual work – the right exercises given to you by a Physical Therapist will help reduce pain, and allow you to quickly move freely again. The right exercises with ensure that the problems don’t come back anytime soon (or aggravate your Jaw or neck even more like some exercises do).

● 3. Avoid positions that increase clenching and increase neck tension – Try to avoid poor neck posture as well as holding tension in your jaw by relaxing your facial muscles, breathing in and out through your nose and resting your tongue on the roof of your mouth. What you need are exercises and manual treatment to help improve your neck and jaw positioning, reduce overworked jaw muscles and chronic tension so you can get back to sleeping, eating and talking without symptoms as quickly as possible.

   4. Get real, “hands-on” Physical Therapy – Physical Therapy is proven to help people with TMJ and neck pain. In fact at the mPower Physical Therapy it is a very common complaint from our patients. If your TMJ pain is affecting your job, your ability to sleep and eat and if it threatens your independence or gets in the way of spending quality time with family and friends – Physical Therapy can help get you back to living the life you deserve as quickly as possible

So the next question is:

“How Can Choosing to See a Physical Therapist at mPower Physical Therapy Help You Get Rid of Your Jaw, TMJ and neck Pain – In The Next Few Days?”

Here’s just a few of the things our Physiotherapy Team can do for you:

Basically, we can help you get back to living life free from the curse of TMJ and Jaw pain. The  first step is to download our FREE REPORT on All about TMJ: 6 Tips to Resolve Jaw Pain.

You will then be able to speak to one of our Specialist for FREE as your next step to downloading the book. We understand you are skeptical and have tried a lot of treatments that are not working. We hear this all the time from our patients. Check out one skeptical patient below..