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Origin Story: Our Story and How Healthcare is Going Down the Wrong Path | Episode 115

I started this business over 6 years ago with a huge mission to change how healthcare was delivered. But Actually when I started this business, I did not want to do much business. I was going to retire seeing a few patients and that was it.

That has turned into something bigger to now create a place for other healthcare providers to thrive in with making them a better healthcare provider. And in a place that allows them to treat like they want to in truly taking care of the client.

We all got into this business to help people thrive. But the way the healthcare industry is, does not help us do that. We become exhausted with more paperwork, more patients to fit in with other patients and in the process our bodies falling apart due to the stress of trying to do the best job for our clients but it is not possible with everything that you have to do.

So check out this our story…
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