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Are you SUFFERING from Neck or Shoulder pain?

Your massage did NOT help, and your pain comes back within a few hours to a day??
You are being told you have Degenerative changes or Arthritis in your neck and there is nothing you can do?
Is your Shoulder pain really coming from your shoulder? Most Healthcare providers never rule out the neck. Don’t have a shoulder surgery that was a neck problem like some of my other clients have done…
Are you being told that you need to have Neck or Shoulder surgery, or you need to go to pain management (aka drugs and injections)?
Are you coming home exhausted because of the pain and not being able to spend time with your family?
Are you fearful that you have to live with this pain for the rest of your life?? Nothing is helping??
You have tried EVERYTHING but still want to try conservative care first? One that works to get to the source of your problem.
At mPower Physical Therapy in Dallas, we help people avoid surgery, injections, medications all the while to get you back to being active by spending time with your family and doing the things you love to do.
We have several options for you to choose from to get started in your learning of how we can help you.
We provide you lots of ways you can learn as we want to be a resource to you. So often in our healthcare system we treat the symptoms and never get to the source of the problem which is why the pain comes back or never leaves.
I always say, where the site of the pain is located is not often where the source of the pain is located. This FREE REPORT will talk to you more about that..
The clientele that comes into our physical therapy office in Dallas has tried EVERTHING and nothing has worked for them, they want to avoid medications, injections and surgery. We help them get off the merry go round of treatments that are not working and helped them get their life back.
Again, you can always start with our FREE EBOOK on HOW TO FIX YOUR NECK AND SHOULDER PAIN.