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Diving deep into Autoimmune conditions and Why no one seems to get results! Episode 88

One way we feel pain as well as having other issues that no healthcare seems to figure is when we have autoimmune conditions. Now you may not know you have any kind of autoimmune problems, but when the body is out of balance you just know something is off.

You may notice lots of bloating, difficulty sleeping, weight gain in the mid section that you can not get rid of, fatigue, as well as other common symptoms.

You go to a doctor and they do some testing and everything comes back normal. But you want answers and you are never given answers other than here is a pill for this symptom or you are told you are fine.
At our office we can tell when something is out of balance and it is the beginning stage of an autoimmune condition.
How, you ask?
Because there are patterns to orthopedic issues. And when we can not find a pattern or reproduce your pain in any way, we start asking more questions..

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