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How to Make Knee Arthritis Go Away | Episode 55

 I have no clue how a doctor can spend 5-10 min with a patient to figure out a diagnosis. They may send you off to get an MRI and that will give you all the answers. And this leads you down the wrong path. 


I always say where the site of the pain is often not the source of the problem. So when you just look at the knee and you do not check other areas that could lead to the pain, you are missing a piece of the puzzle. If you go straight to strengthening without getting to the source of the problem, you do not get stronger, wondering why you are not feeling any better. 


If you have knee pain and you were diagnosed with arthritis or you need to do injections or surgery then please check this out. If you don’t know what you did that caused your pain, you can get better naturally. 


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