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Is Arthritis Your Real Problem Causing Your Back or Knee Pain? with Dr. Elizabeth Ortiz | Episode 24

You go to a doctor and they spend 5 min with you and tell you to take these medications and rest. Or worse you need to have surgery. You are frustrated that you do not have any control over how to deal with your pain.

Your pain comes back time and time again and each time it gets worse. You feel like you have no control over your life. You are fearful of moving the wrong way and throwing your “back out,” or doing too much and being out of commission for days. You do not feel like you are living your life.

Not sure if your pain is coming from an injury, an autoimmune condition, or is there something emotional that is creating the pain..

Listen to this workshop with Dr. Elizabeth Ortiz of Connected Rheumatology and mPower Physical Therapy to learn more.
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