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Put an End to Your Jaw Pain: The Link Between Your TMJ, Neck, and Airway | Episode 66

TMJ is an area that is so mismanaged. The issue is our healthcare system does not look at your body as a whole, so key pieces to the puzzle are missed like her TMJ! We are here to help you avoid the long, expensive, frustrating journey through the healthcare system by figuring out the source of your issues.

Your dentist will look at your teeth & bite and see that you are grinding or clenching. They may scan your jaw quickly, but not offer much explanation or offer treatment beyond a mouth guard.

Your massage therapist will treat your tissue and muscles that have tightened up, but not get to the reason WHY they are tight in the first place.

Your chiropractor may crack and manipulate your neck, but your symptoms come back because you don’t know what you are doing at home that tightens them up

We know your headaches could be coming from:

  1. Your upper neck
  2. Your jaw (TMJ)
  3. Airway restriction
  4. Lifestyle/ external factors like stress, anxiety, repetitive posture and positioning

Or any combination of these! We will look at ALL of these areas and how they work together

Check out this Recorded Presentation we did with DR. Randall with Randall Dentistry ( https://drdrewrandall.com/dental-services/) who specializes in TMJ and Dr. Hilary Haller, DPT who also specializes in TMJ from a mechanical and physical therapy perspective to understand more on who to look for when getting TMJ treatment. 

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