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The Hidden Link between TMJ, Neck Pain, Sleep and Your Health | Episode 113

Do you know someone suffering from sleeping issues, jaw pain, neck pain, headaches and fatigue.. Then they are not going to want to miss this podcast with Dr. Genz, DDS and Stefani Crowley, MSPT DIP MDT.

We will be talking about:
What is a TMJ Dysfunction and how it causes sleep issues, brain fog, and other health issues in the body.

How the neck and jaw pain all is connected
Finding the root cause to your Jaw pain you could be experiencing
The Upper Cervical Spine & TMJ – mobility & posture
Airway Obstruction & TMJ
How we treat & what other healthcare providers miss
Why injections, surgeries, mouth guards don’t work!
How the mouth is related to other health issues in the body that most medical providers miss!

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