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Where should I get a massage to get Rid of Neck Pain?| Episode 74

When clients have neck pain and they think that is just muscle tension from stress so they will go get a massage and it does not work! The pain returns within hours to days later, so they get another one and the same thing happens. 

This is so common. So how does a good physical therapist that specializes in the Neck and Shoulder help get you out of the cycle of needing so many massages? 

And how is shoulder pain related to neck pain?  Our body is connected and you have to look at the whole body, and not just the tissue that is tight. 

Learn more in this podcast on why massage is not fully resolving your tension and why it comes back and what areas you need to look at to get full resolution!

We also have several options for your to continue your learning on how to relieve neck

and shoulder pain when massage does not help.

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