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Why Injections will not work for your back pain | Episode 78

Karen has had back pain for years. She is a marathon runner and like many of our clients she was getting pain and the only option given to her was the injections. Well they worked but only for a short time, literally after 3 injections to help her through a marathon, she literally had her pain return during her marathon..

The doctors told her that there was nothing else she could do. That physical therapy would not work and could actually be dangerous for her to do.  (yes they told her that after giving her multiple injections each year). 

Most of the time our clients have seen 4-5 different providers, (doctors, pain management, acupuncture, chiropractors, other physical therapists) without any results. It is so frustrating! 

And the patients are so frustrated that they are not able to get the outcome of being able to stay active, travel, play with their kids. They start to lose hope.

Check out Karen’s story… Learn why injections might be a waste of your time and money (she spent $3000 before her marathon and still had pain). 

We have helped countless people avoid neck and shoulder surgery, injections, and medications. So often people treat the shoulder when it is a neck problem or treat the neck with stretches and postural strengthening which does not work. You have to get to the source of the problem first, which is why we have helped so many people who have had failed treatments elsewhere get their life back. We give people HOPE that it is possible to get back to what they love to do.  We have several ways to continue your learning about your Neck and Shoulder pain…

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