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Why Our Healthcare System is a Mess: New Models Emerging | Episode 62

We interviewed Dr. Reuben Elovitz of Private Health Dallas about why he started his practice. Why the healthcare system is a mess and probably not going to get any better.

With doctors getting timed with each patient and only able to spend 10-15 minutes with patients, this does not lead patients down the path of providing education and a solution to follow up to their problems. Literally helping create a plan designed specific for you. Our healthcare does not have time to do that and we are seeing the frustrations with patients who come through our doors. They want a solution, education and answers to what they can do to solve their problems naturally. 

This is why new models are emerging and these models will help you save money, time, and heartache down the road. 

Oftentimes you are being sent for testing, to lead you to medications or procedures without any kind of education. I always say our body has an amazing ability to heal if we give it the right environment. The problem is not being able to spend the time to give you education and coach you through a solution is a problem in our healthcare. 

When you do not have time, not spending time with patients up front will lead you down a potentially expensive path even if you have insurance.  

Check out his story and a little background on what is happening in our healthcare system that is a huge problem. As a healthcare provider we are just as frustrated as you are on the other end of insurance. It is much easier to prevent than to have to go down the path of disease and injuries. 

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