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Will Injections Help Me with My Pain? | Episode 47

Injections are used way too often for pain and most of the time they are not working or lasting very long.. Why does this happen? 


Check out this podcast to learn more…. 


Too often injections and medications are the first choice you are given by a doctor when you hurt. Or You go to a specialist and they want to do an expensive procedure that may or may not work.. Would it not be nice to know a few questions that could help you determine if you should go down that route or not waste your time or money because it won’t work. 


In this Podcast  you will learn what questions you can ask yourself to determine if injections are right for you and will help with your pain or resolve your pain? 


Are you having back pain, knee pain, neck or shoulder pain? Are you frustrated that you are not getting better and back to living your life? Or maybe you just want to find ways to avoid surgery, medications, and injections? Then, this is for you… 

If you live in Dallas, TX we offer FREE 30 min consultation with a Physical Therapist where you can speak to one of our PT’s who specialize in helping you avoid Surgery, Medications or injections and getting you back to doing what you love! We often see the patients who have had failed treatments elsewhere but get back to being active by coming to our office.  The Visit is designed to help you make a better decision about your health and for us to see if we can truly help you get back to living your life… But do not delay as we only have a few spots per week that we dedicate to the type of appointments. Just Click on the link to start the process to get started! https://ac415-3e4146.pages.infusionsoft.net