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We're Hiring!

Are you comfortable with talking to strangers both in person and on the phone?
Are you a self-starter?
Is being “organized” a top priority in your life and are you able to multi-task and prioritize projects, while simultaneously meeting deadlines and prioritizing your day?
Can you communicate effectively with people from all different backgrounds – both written and verbal?
Are you able to speak up when you see something that is not working and can you anticipate the needs of other people because you show up for work knowing that the smallest details always makes the difference?
Do you have a positive outlook on life?
Are you flexible and open to change, committed to learning?

About us:
If that’s you, then we want to hear from you. We are a physical therapy clinic in Dallas that is experiencing rapid growth and are looking for another A player to join our team. We are looking for a Client Care Specialist/Sales Assistant to help us grow this company to becoming the number one provider in physical therapy and wellness services in Dallas. We have a great reputation in the town and have an abundance of people ready and waiting for you to serve. We believe strongly in ongoing education and as such provide a great amount of training, teaching and coaching for our staff development. Demand for this role is expected to be high and we invite you to apply if you feel able to achieve the following tasks and have the relevant skills to do so. We know that the real A players love to be held accountable for high standards of performance and as such the role will come with your own key objectives that when consistently hit will result in substantial benefits and privileges in the role that will be discussed at the interview should you be successful.

• tracking metrics/key performance indicators
• make quality phone calls
• converting 1/3 of cold leads to becoming paying patients
• follow-up email to support phone calls
• nurture new leads
• reactivate past patients
• putting together/processing follow-up packages (“WOW” boxes)
• keep accurate records of phone calls and follow-ups

• experience in sales
• able to handle objections/rejections and persistence in follow-up
• proficient in computers skills
• comfortable speaking to strangers and hesitant patients
• good storyteller/conversationalist
• listening and empathy towards others
• not attached to outcome (emotional)
• goal oriented/likes key performance indicators

Ultimately the success of this position is to embrace our company’s mission which is to help people make better decisions about their health. The successful candidate will maintain our company core values in the day-to-day running of the business. 

Core Values:
• nothing is impossible
• create WOW experiences
• people first, patient second
• connect emotionally
• anticipate unstated needs
• embrace and drive change
• be passionate and humble
• be creative and adventurous
• fun and positive team spirit
• pursue growth and learning

Tired of seeing 12-16 patients per day?
Feeling exhausted and burned out and wondering if you went into the right profession?
Sick of playing the insurance games and doing the paperwork needed to get paid?
Are you looking for true MENTORSHIP? You get excited when you learn and grow and want to become on of the best physical therapist?
Are you looking for one on one training weekly by a top physical therapist in the profession?

We have the might have the position you have been looking for.

About our company:
We are a physical therapy clinic in Dallas that focuses on mpowering patients to stay active and mobile without having procedures such as surgery, taking medications, or having injections. We mpower patients with education to equip them to understanding what is going on with them and what they are doing throughout the day that is creating their problem.
We are out of network with insurance companies which means we are in control to provide the service that our clients deserve. This creates a great lifestyle most Physical Therapist’s dream of, such as
• Complete Focus on one patient at a time, as we see each patient for 30-60 minutes of one on one treatments.
• Being able to see 6-8 patients a day. Go home feeling energized, not exhausted.
• Mentorship by the top physical therapists in the area with over 20 years of experience weekly. (no one offers this- It is a like a paid internship).
• You get to use your talents and passion to make a difference in people’s lives every day.
• Looking for a community and family to work for, not a corporation.

Who should apply for this job?
• Looking for mentorship to grow and learn on the job- and YES NEW GRADS can apply.
• You are looking to have a work- life balance. Not going home exhausted every day.
• You want to learn more around the McKenzie Method as I have my Diploma in MDT (only 1 of 2 people in the DFW that has this). It is my evaluation process and helps me to get to the SOURCE of the problem, then I supplement my years of education to get the patients back to their life.
• You do not like working for corporations, you are looking for more of a family feel.
• You want to get on the ground floor of working for a fully cash practice, so you can spend time with the patients and not the paperwork and headaches of dealing with insurance companies.
• Patients love working with you because you like to listen to their needs and adjust the programs based on your conversations. NO cookie cutter programs.

What We are looking for:
• Someone who loves to learn and wants to have a better understanding of the McKenzie Method (but not the only kind of treatment we do in our office).
• You should be licensed to practice in the State of Texas.
• Someone who can build trust with patient quickly and is motivated to improve the relationships with patients.
• Someone who listens and wants to collaborate as a team and is always striving to be make themselves better.
• Someone who is not camera shy (not a deal breaker) as we like to do videos and share content on social media.
• Someone who likes to eventually hold small workshops to share education with potential clients.

Do you love Pilates and Wellness and want to get weekly Trainings from a Physical Therapist?
Do you want to be a part of a TEAM that puts the patient first?
Do you want to work in a more intimate setting, where you can do one on one Pilates with a reformer or do small group classes (3 or less)?
Do you love to learn and grow? Not only in the profession but personally as well? Learning how communicate, sell, and adjust programs based on the patient’s needs.
Are you looking to progress to a full time position with benefits?
Are you looking for better hours to work? Not early in the morning and late into the evening every day…

If so, then this job may be what you are looking for. We are a Physical Therapy and Pilates Facility in the Dallas/ White Rock Lake Area. We have started to expand our Pilates side of things and are rapidly growing.
Our Next Pilates Instructor is someone who works hard, is a team player, you love to learn and want to be held accountable for high performance and likes to have fun.
If you are looking for a place to call “home” and not having to drive from place to place, be apart of an amazing work-family, then you are in the right spot.

Roles and Responsibilities
• Teach private Pilates on a reformer/tower from beginning level to intermediate level
• Teach small classes (1-3) using the Pilates spring boards, bands, balls, straps and weights.
• Participate in community and outreach events to help market the business and acquire new clients.
• Be an ambassador to our company by helping to spread our marketing message and participating in videos, social media, and marketing campaigns when directed.
• Co-teach with programs we have designed for back and knee issues with one of our physical therapists.
• Co-treat and work along side our physical therapy team to help clients who are recovering from injuries as we progress them to the Pilates Instructors.
• Participate in weekly staff meeting and training sessions.
• Document daily Pilates and fitness sessions in a timely manner. Track and report your weekly productivity.
• Be flexible to schedule changes and be willing to cover for other instructors when needed.
• Look for and be aware of referral opportunities to our physical therapists (ex: someone in your class complains of back pain – recommend they talk to one of our specialists).
• Come to work with a positive attitude – at all times – regardless of outside stresses or personal circumstances.
• Embody and demonstrate behaviors that are consistent with our company’s core values: People First, Patient Second – Deliver WOW Customer Service – Anticipate Unstated Needs – Embrace and Drive Change – Pursue Growth and Learning – Be Passionate and Humble – Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff – Be Classy – Laugh and have Fun – Connect Emotionally