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How Gut Health and Hormones are Linked- 5 Tips to improve gut health

Gut health is so important in all diseased and chronic health conditions.

About 75% of our immune system is in the gut. So, when there is an imbalance your immune system can get revved up creating autoimmune conditions such as Rheumatoid Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Diabetes, thyroid issues, etc

If your immune system is lowered than you catch everything under the sun such as colds, flus, cancer, etc.

But when your immune system is not balanced you will also notice that as we age not having good gut health is also linked to hormones being out of balance and creating things like hot flashes, mood swings, fatigue, not sleeping well, weight gain that does not get better until you can balance your hormones.

What does that mean?

It is like working out. When we are younger in our 20’s we can work out and recover faster from that workout. We do not get as sore, and the soreness does not last that long. But as we age, we get sore from doing any new workout and the soreness last longer.

If you push yourself too hard with the soreness this leads to injuries and those aches and pains that feel like injuries or you tell yourself that you are just getting older and your joints and body can’t take it anymore.

No, it just means you have to adjust how you work out. Do more things to help aid in your recovery. Such as stretching the right way for your body, using the Thera gun to help with soreness or get a massage or see a physical therapist to help you avoid those aches and pains that turn into injuries to slow you down.

Well, the same thing happens with hormones. In your twenties you can abuse your body in what you eat and you can get away it with because your body recovers faster from everything.

But as we age, you do not recover as fast, so it is important that you do things to assist your body in that recovery such as doing things to keep your gut healthy. You no longer can get away from eating unhealthy foods or drinks that disrupt your gut health. Your body can not recover.

Think of it as a game. Everything you put in your body is either builds it up or tears it down. We need more things that build it up.

Here are my TOP 5 things to build your Gut up to Balance Your Hormones…

Consistency is the Key to success. Do not expect fast results. It took years of abuse to your body to get the body out of balance and it will take time to get it back into balance.

1. Drink Water helps your Hormones

Most of us live chronically dehydrated. Water helps move the toxins out of our body and helps with constipation. Plus it also helps with temperature regulation in your body. Meaning the more hydrated you are consistently, the less hot flashes you will have.

HOW MUCH WATER- start out drinking 80-100 ounces of water daily – this will really help to detox the body when you add the other steps to build up your gut health.

2. Add More Plants to your Diet helps your hormones

Did you know that the average person needs 10-12 servings of plants every day!! Say What?? Yes, that is true. And if you exercise a lot, you need more. If you are sick, you need more…

Did you know that our good bacteria in our gut ONLY FEEDS OFF PLANTS… Yup.. all the nutrients from plants is what our good bacteria feeds off of. So when you eat meat, processed foods, sugar, etc this will suppress your good bacteria.

Now I am not telling you that you have to be Vegan, but you definitely need to add more plants to your diet. Just food for thought, your good bacteria is 100% Vegan.

3. ADD A Smoothie a Day Improves your Gut Health and Hormonal Health  

A smoothie does several things- First of all it gives your body a rest. The food is already broken down, so your body does not have to work hard to process it. And bonus, you can hide kale and spinach in your smoothie too!

Secondly, if your gut is a mess. I like to say our gut can have gunk (my non-medical terminology also known as leaky gut syndrome) in it not allowing after digestion the good nutrients from the plants to get out into your body for healing. So, when people try to eat healthy, it might not work because your gut is so far gone that you need extra help.

Adding health plant foods that are predigested (meaning already broken down)- the nutrients get into the blood stream immediately helping your body heal from the outside in and helping to move the gunk out of the body.

4. Avoid Inflammatory Triggers Improves Hormonal Health

There are so many triggers that can create an imbalance in your gut health. Some of these triggers could be eating gluten, dairy, processed foods, alcohol. Other things that could be triggers is stress (chronic stress is a huge trigger to disrupting your gut health and hormonal health).  Everyone is different in what affects their body the most. But as you are going through your health journey, start eliminating these triggers (even for 10 days) and add them back in to see how your body responds. You might be surprised what you find.

Some of the things you look for are bloating, fatigue, stomach pains, not having a good night’s sleep, going to the bathroom with a not so good response (if you know what I mean) or not going to the bathroom.

5. Adding in Predigested supplements helps with Hormones

There are so many supplements out there and it is hard to know which ones will help and which ones will hurt you. Because you can have supplements that actually do more harm than good.

The one we recommend is Juice Plus because it is JUST FOOD- Dehydrated fruits and veggies. (in the predigested form- meaning it gets in the blood stream immediately for your body to us. Similar to adding a smoothie).

It has over 35 researched articles in top medical journals on the product and not using barrowed research- showing that it acts like food.

It is NSF certified meaning it gets random testing to make sure what it says is in it, really is and not no bad substances are in it.

It has been shown to balance the gut and immune system. Not to mention that it is an easy way to add more plants to your diet to help you bridge the gap of what you are eating and not eating. Plus many of our clients have noticed their hormones getting more balance (because their gut and immune system is getting better balanced).

Want to learn more about Juice plus and how to order it, just CLICK HERE.  

So there you have it.. 5 Tips to balance your gut health and helping with your hormonal health. But just like everything else in life, you need to be consistent with these tips to notice changes. Nothing happens overnight.

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